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Wowza I was out shooting weddings all weekend. I did not realize that I started such a war on here. Brown Eyed Girl I did not mean to cause such a storm. There is way too much stuff to respond to everything, so all I will say is….Some of the people on here have been very harsh. Others have been very direct. Although I do not agree with the method used by some people I have to say that they are all right….even cicely (I think you could have been a little nicer about it).  Listen to what they are saying because they are all 100% correct in their critiques of not only your work but also your personality.  Also take this as a lesson. Art is way too subjective for us to judge so freely, and as you can see it is difficult to have your passion scrutinized by strangers for everyone to see.  I really did not mean for it to be this way when I commented on Friday, but if you can take something positive from this I hope it taught you a lesson in humility. Please take it from a seasoned photographer, you will soar if you stay out of the forums and pick up your camera. Take time to perfect your art instead of trashing everyone else’s.