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Cicely, you clearly are grappling at straws here. You’re right, that family photo is blown out. In that spot the sun was way too bright, so I didn’t spend much time taking photos there. I did give them that one pose though, and maybe it should not have made the cut, and I’ll probably actually remove it. But the vast majority of my shots I believe are exposed pretty well. Like I said, I am not perfect, but I see plenty of shots on other pros’ sites that I also feel maybe weren’t their best images, and I don’t think that finding the worst photos a person has is a good way to judge their style or work.

The little girl in the mermaid suit definitely had an action applied for a fun/artistic edit. That one in particular is not the regular or clean edit. I liked the blue for her outfit and what she and her mom were going for, the princess-y kind of playful outfit. Whether you want to admit it or not, clients do love seeing these types of fun edits. They are not the kind that would probably be hung up on their walls, but I see a lot of that stuff used on holiday cards, party invitations, and on social media. It’s making a photo a little more artsy. I love playing with colors. The reason I hate spot color is because it really seems to draw the attention away from the subject of the photo. I rarely see spot color done where it enhances the image, though yes, I have seen it. One of the posters here showed us one awhile ago and I did like that one, though I can’t remember who it was.

I never said the Rebel was the camera for fauxtographers. Please be careful of what you say I said. I said it was often the camera a faux had, because they didn’t know enough about photography or care enough to invest in something better, or someone may have gotten them a “nice camera” as a gift and they suddenly decided to go in business. I would not expect a fauxtographer to ever invest in good/better equipment. You can put a good lens on a Rebel and still get a great image. It’s how you use the equipment that matters. Obviously, a Rebel though has much poorer low-light performance than a 5DII, and slower autofocus, among other things. A better camera is a better tool. Some of my photos from that shoot do appear a bit soft because they were noisy and I used noise reduction. I loved the location but it was a challenge. It was on the family’s neighbor’s property and it was their choice. I’d use the location again if I had permission, but hopefully on a sunnier day (it started sprinkling during the shoot and was pretty cloudy!)

I checked out those websites someone posted earlier of the wedding photographers. All very nice work. I can pick out a few images from each I didn’t think were technically the best, but for the most part they are pretty consistent. One of the togs had a lot more orangey skin tones though, and I personally would have decreased the orange saturation, but that’s just me.