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I disagree on the shot of the baby.  While the baby does look awkward, that typical newborn “you’re going to drop me” pose going on, the image is not overexposed, and I can read the blocks just fine.  Yes, my monitor has also been calibrated.

As for the couple in the frame, I think that’s nice, I have no issue with that photo.  I don’t think “wrong on so many levels” says anything… really…  If you got a reason for disliking it, spit it out.

And as for the same couple with the leaves, my only issue with that photo is there is no foot room, I should be able to see all of her dress and all of his feet.  The expression on his face is funny, like he’s just humoring her and she looks like, “oh no, I should have thought this through, leaves are gonna be in my dress.”  It’s cute.  And truth be told, we weren’t there that day, we don’t know who’s idea this shot was or these people’s personalities.  Maybe this was their idea and fits them perfectly.  You can’t just call it time wasted.