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@Halley. Ah, I see. Although to be honest  I have issues with some of the pictures,  it is a step up in quality. I do agree that some people should not teach courses. In the end they do more harm than good – they’re  teaching how they use their cameras, not necessarily the correct way.

It still blows me away that so few people understand how their camera’s meter determines “correct” exposure. In fact I would argue that for most, meters are irrelevant – we use our LCD’s now and chimp. Not very accurate IMO. The digital age has really transformed photography, and not in a good way. All the basics, such as proper exposure, careful framing, the ability to see great light – that hasn’t changed since photography started. Now, with instant feedback from our LCD’s and the ability to so call  “fix” the image in post has really bred laziness and a poor way of thinking. I hear the “it’s art” excuse to which I retort “shitty light is shitty light” and no amount of “creative” post is going to disguise that. No amount of PP is going to make a a bad pose look good. It’s starts with a solid foundation in good photographic principles and an innate understanding of your camera, and once you have that, the creative side can really shine.