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Although you may connect with clients and they are relaxed on set, the connection is not portrayed in your work.  There is no emotion there. Just some people posed for a nice picture. Photography is art and most new photographers like yourself forget that. The images should make the viewer feel something, even if they don’t know the subjects in the photo.. As for specific photos, I would honestly have to say it is almost all of them.  I have never in my life seen a wedding album where the bride is not smiling.  That blew my mind. You seem to be more concerned with proper posing, composition, lighting etc that you are missing all of those special moments that capture the emotion of the day/shoot. You seem to have extensive knowledge of technical aspects. What I would recommend is working on your candid photography. Take your camera to the park and go people watching.  See what you get. Go to a concert, club, bar, any event where you can catch people in action and practice a photojournalistic style. Learn to catch those little moments because it is completely absent from your current work. As for the overexposure it seems like that is done in post processing from the use of actions. I am only guessing but a lot of your photos seem flat and overexposed, but there is a continuous elements that is seen in more than one album. So could it be an action?

Now I will address all of the drama, and I will do it in the nicest way possible. Although some people have a poor way of communicating their opinions I think that some of what was said could be useful to you.  It looks like Jenna was giving you solid advice and people just did not know how to process that. What she seems to be trying to say is that the way that you talk in this forum can be perceived as intrusive and immature. Your actions on a daily basis whether you are in a forum, at home, in public, or on location shooting are a direct representation of your business. To be a professional, one must act like a professional. I know if I were looking for a photographer to hire and I came across someone bickering/belittling people online I would not hire them in a second. I would prefer someone who spends more time shooting than they do calling out amateur photographers. That is not a personal insult to you, I am looking at it from a strictly business aspect. Everything that you do online is available for any potential client to see. I hope you can see it as positive feedback instead of people hating you.  Criticism from strangers when you didn’t ask for it is hard to take. Imagine all of the unwanted advice you have been responsible for. It is a hard pill to swallow, right?

My final opinion is that you are not in the position to give critics, teach classes, or own your own business. You are good at photography and one day you will be very successful but your images have along way to go. Check out these photographers and compare your work to them. Where does it fall?

studio tran

gattie photography

a southern rose photography