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Brown Eyed Girl I will critique your work. since you keep saying that someone needs to.  I looked at facebook, your website.  From what I saw on facebook you tilt the camera a whole lot. I know this topic has been brought up before, but I am looking at the most recent pictures added and they are all tilted. I am actually a fan of dutch angle but you overuse it to an extreme.  There was a family session from November 2012 in front of a brick wall that shows this. Also in that same session the older gentleman is wearing a shirt with a logo on it. Do you consult with your clients on outfits before?

In the wedding album from October 2012 the bride looks like she is miserable. I didn’t see a single pic of her smiling. As a photographer it is your job to capture the emotion and soul of your clients. I see that lacking in your work. The technical aspects are there but you just don’t seem to have the talent of capturing “the moment”, and that is something that you cant learn from a class. Your pictures don’t have emotion and because of that I was unable to connect.I hate to sound mean but the word BORING comes to mind.

Next topic is your use of premade actions.  It is obvious that you use them, a lot. Using actions is ok sometimes, but overuse of them has been proven to make photographers lazy.  That shows in your work ie the couples shoot from October 2012 (the fireman) and in all of the wedding photos that I saw. In fact in most of them I can easily see that you used an action and never gave it a second thought.

The photos of the people throwing the leaves in the air are all boring and poorly exposed. In fact most of your work is overexposed. You are losing highlights on skin and in the sky. Your pictures seem to have a blown out effect. Also the majority of your images are not sharp at all. They are very hazy and ever so slightly out of focus.

I looked at your work from the beginning of your flickr account until the most recent. It has shown little growth and very minimal improvement. I would certainly not look at your work today and say that it is the product of a professional photographer. Your technical knowledge will only get you so far. When you compare your work with real professionals it is subpar at best.

And for anyone who wants to say that I am mean or being “hateful” to brown eyed girl,just stop before you even start.  She said numerous times in this post that she wanted people to critic her work and that is what I did.  Just because someone has an opinion that differs from you does not mean that they are being hateful