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My Heart now back to you. I admire you for changing the negative tone of this forum, and i am sorry that one person ignored that.

ideas when moving to a new city: join a camera club that way you can network and meet others in the industry. i think you would benefit form taking classes to gain technical knowledge, which will also help your meet other photographers.  perhaps advertise free shoots so that you can gain practice. people will remember your generosity and you may gain potential clients. reach out to local charities (the sometimes need a photog for events).  Try to find an established photographer and be his/her assistant. That is the best way to learn.

I think once you learn the technical side of photography your clientele will build up.

I agree that your website needs to be changed. It is so hard to navigate and potential clients with get frustrated. The website if very cute but if you want to use it for business then you will need something that is more efficient.