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Brown Eye. please take a look at how you respond. no one said anything about your “critiques” being invalid. they said that your attitude in general sucks. and no one was blatantly disrespectful to you. everyone was just stating their honest opinion. but i did notice that you are the only one who has used swear words….”class A assholes”. come on show some respect for yourself and for your business. On other posts you have called photographers in your area “creepy” , you have given names and posted things that you “heard” from your friends. you don’t even have first hand knowledge sometimes. on a comment on the first page you stated ” I vow to never name my future children idiotic names like Rayne and Shyne (or name a boy any name with a Y in place of another vowel like Aaidyn, or name a girl Nevaeh, Charity, Chastity,etc) lol.” You have also argued every time someone critics your work or decision ie defending the term semi pro, defending the use of actions, defending the use of dutch angles, you get defensive about not finishing college (which is nothing to be ashamed of). You have teased people for misspelling words even.You talk about people who should not charge for your services but one post by you states “I took a few photography courses in college and thought i was good then but now i see that i was not” then you imediatley defend it with ” but it was a learning process and i never charged anyone for photos back then” then you immediately contradict yourself by saying “well except some family photos for a friend,didnt charge much, but then were horrible but they knew i was a beginner. what is that about? I have looked at your portfolio and the majority of your clients look extremely uncomfortable. I can post links to your site if you would like to see if people agree with me. Bottom line is you have very extensive technical knowledge and it shows in your work (that is a compliment btw). But your holding yourself back because your people skills seem to be lacking, which in turn will plateau your business. You seem very worried about what other people are doing instead of worrying about yourself. You can hate me and curse me out some more if that makes you feel better ,but it is true. we are not bashing you. only stating the obvious. please try to open your mind. i think people are just annoyed at the amount of personal information that you give with each critique. So be mad if you want to but it is all accurate and true. that is how you come across