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My Heart

BrownEyed – please see the other thread.  I apologized – and now, I’m apologizing and explaining to all, that I wasn’t “bashing” you or “hating on” or anything.  I don’t even know you.  I was simply frustrated b/c it appeared that I might actually be getting some useful information, but then it “appeared” that you were turning the convo back to you.  To which, I apologized in my other thread – about an hour or so ago.  I am sorry that I was frustrated and I aimed that frustration at you.  That wasn’t right, and I really didn’t say anything other than the basic statement I live by, which is – if you don’t like it, go somewhere that is better / more fun / where your opinion can be spoken.  That’s all.  Sort of, if you don’t like what’s on the TV, change it.  So, again – I apologize to BrownEyed for getting frustrated at her and, I thank BrownEyed for her critique.  I would love more advice, since it seems now that everyone is on the same page as far as any critiques of my photography and website go.  I am very thankful for your points and will change the things I can.  For the things I know I need to work on, but have no idea how to do it – please, any and all of you, please feel free to speak your mind.  Including, and especially, you – BrownEyed.  You made some good points. <3  Please read my response in the other thread; you might think a little differently about me – I’m not a basher or a hater.

Thank you to all, and please continue to help by letting me know how I need to achieve my goals, and with what.  Thanks!! 🙂