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My Heart

Hey, um – just showed up to this forum; thought the comments would be under my “Can Take Critique” forum – I apologize.  I was sitting there, thinking no one was even noticing my site – and here you guys are commenting! Thank you!!

Except for BrownEyed.  I’m sorry; just been here less than a couple of hours and even I’M sick of you ALREADY.  This forum actually got on a subject other than you, and you STILL found a way to bring it back to you! No one is attacking you, and if you are really convicted of your feelings – why does it matter so much to validate yourself instead of just shutting the computer off??

Back to me.  I REALLY appreciate the comments / critiques / notes.  I’ll try my best to answer.  Haylott: I shoot with Nikon cams an lenses – a variety.  Yes, you can say this is a business site – although I’m too scared right now to actually seek business.  I just moved from Alabama to Chicago, so I quit my photog business for a little while.  Not knowing anyone here, I don’t have the whole “word of mouth” thing I had going on in AL.  (Moved b/c of hubby’s job, so I seriously don’t even know my neighbors.  That has been really hard, when I moved from my huge family [4 sisters] and everyone I’ve ever known [high school, college, etc.])   Side-note: BrowEyed, that wasn’t a dig at you b/c you didn’t go to college, I was just saying I went and I miss the contacts / friends I made there.

CameraClicker and Haylott:   I really don’t know how to get the word out about my photography.  Been doing it since 2007.  I can tell that I’ve increased in both proficiency and efficiency.  I started out just teaching myself by using Photoshop and Elements.  I know this sounds crazy, but I just found out about how awesome it is to use Lightroom, as well as using actions / presets / overlays, etc. that are mass-produced, downloaded and used.  I’ve been going over some old gigs, and I’m loving how quick I can edit and how great they look now.  Yeah, I have a flash problem.  Never know when it’s too much or not enough; I just can’t get my flash right – ever.  I try to shoot manually more often, but have to rely on auto sometimes.

To address some points: I don’t know what it is about turning a girl around for a photo.  I just do it; they like it.  I’m not saying I like it – just that for weddings, girls want it.  I agree that the train / back of dress usually has a lot of detail, which is why I try to flatter the pic as much as possible.  Again – don’t really know how to manipulate light.  That is definitely my weakness.

Which girl w/ the red flowers looked plastic?  There are at least 2 girls w/ at least 2 bouquets of red flowers, and I’d like to edit it so it’s not plastic. I did try an HDR thing, but that could be the plastic look you’re seeing?? Not sure which photo you mean; I’m sorry.

I agree – I love the photo of the blonde lying on the floor – but again, poor lighting, it’s too yellow. I know.  I just don’t know how to fix it.  I did take a great one of her looking out a door; it’s like a barn door – the top half opens, bottom half is closed.  I really do like that pic of her – maybe that one is ok??

Yes, there is music.  I agree, it could be distracting.  I just added that today, so I’m open to any and all input re: music.  The galleries are definitely what I’d call “controlled chaos.”  Every pic in the galleries can be accessed – even if you only see the top or bottom, you can still click to open / enlarge it; click to close it.  Or, there is a very prominent “x” on the right hand top corner to close the pic and return to the collage gallery.  I see that having to explain it so often -there must be something wrong w/ it.  I’ll change the layout, making it more user friendly.

Above all – I just truly thank you both for looking at it and providing feedback.  I’m very much still a novice, even though I’ve been doing this day after day for almost 6 years.  The only good thing that can be said, and I appreciate you both for saying it, is that I feel that I have an “eye” for it, and I definitely look at it as art, not as just another check to be deposited in the bank.  I do a lot of things for free, just to get the experience – which drives my husband crazy.  But, it’s actually very soothing for me to spend my time (all day, if needed) to just get that “ONE” shot – the one that everyone can’t quit looking at.  I try to edit as best as I can, but again – I should be taking pics that don’t require much editing.  I just don’t know what I’m doing, for the most part.  But, I still love it, with all My Heart.  🙂  Hehehe, cheesy, I know – that’s what I was going for. 🙂

Seriously, I appreciate it.  I am very flattered that you guys took the time to look at and critique my site.  I’m going to get better.  I’m going to get cards printed up.  I’m going to make my site and layout more user friendly.  I’m going to read as much as I can about lighting.    I’m going to bother my neighbors.  I’m going to make friends with the old lady at Walgreen’s – b/c she’s pretty cool, and b/c she might know someone someday that needs a photog.  Thanks, guys.  You calling me out was well received.  And I can’t tell you how much you saying I have an eye for art, that I could do it if I get some technical things fixed, makes me feel.  You’re basically saying what I already feel and know – but I just needed someone to kinda point the way.  THANK YOU!!!  And please, any others, keep it coming!! 🙂