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My Heart:  I visited your page.  I think your blurb is good.  The page header suggests music is playing somewhere but nothing is coming out of my speakers and I can’t find a speaker control that works.  The motion is distracting.  I am not suggesting I want to hear music.  Generally I recommend against web pages playing music when the page opens because if it is opened in an open concept office, it will disturb many people and may embarrass the person who found your page.  I digress.

The page layout is a bit busy too, and it takes a lot of work to navigate it.  I also feel there is more gallery above and below what I see displayed but again, controls seem to be lacking.  Getting through all your photos using the click to open, click to close find the next photo to click and repeat is more work than I really wanted to do.  Fortunately there are dozens rather than hundreds or thousands of photos.  It looks like the page is using Flash.  Flash does not work with some tablets and cell phones.  How does your target audience feel about the page layout and controls?

I’m not sure how to identify a photo on your page.  I am looking at a flower on a man’s lapel in I do 2.  To me the focus should be on the flower.  DOF seems very shallow and seems to be on the seam between the sleeve and body of the suit jacket.  That puts it two to three inches in front of the flower where I think it needs to be.

In I do 1, …drea & Shane, 03.28.09, is on a glass.  There is space on the glass behind Shane, which leaves me wondering why the glass was not rotated to display the bride’s entire name.

In Bridal, a bride is laying on the floor.  The photo looks quite yellow.  Fixing the white balance would improve the photo.

Also in bridal, a bride is in front of a window, bum to camera and twisting her head around to look toward the camera.  Not a flattering pose.  Also, several areas of the photo are burned out — including some of the dress, even at the floor!  If the view out the window was nice, it would have been good to expose for that, then fire a flash to light the interior and the bride.

On the same page, a bride holding lots of red roses has been smoothed to a plastic appearance.

Some photos are tilted.  There has already been a lot of discussion here about Dutch angles, so I will leave it at that.

What is it about wedding dresses!  Put a wedding dress on a girl that only weighs 100 lbs soaking wet, then take a photo of her square from the back.  Suddenly she has a very large bum!  Why?!?  I’m sure it’s the dress!

In I do 2, a woman in an orange top is having her makeup done.  It is tilted a little but otherwise looks pretty good.

I think a combination of a little more care/attention to detail when shooting and better post processing would yield dividends.  Perhaps I am looking at old photos and you have already improved, since the glasses photo was 2009?