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Jason M

my friend and I came across someone posting about http://www.schaephotography.com a while ago. First of all her work is amazing and I have no idea why someone would post her on this site unless ur an asshole. she seems young but her work will probably be on the cover of magazines by the time she’s 30. So what if some of her photos are overexposed.. thats her style. Second of all for someone to message her when shes trying to sell a camera and critique her photos thats just plain messed up. I would be offended too. IF you want to go critique people join a forum or go teach photography. Don’t nitpick at someone who didn’t ask for it and who in my opinion doesn’t need critique. Photography is a very personal thing and if someone started bashing my stuff I would be pretty creeped out and flip some shit. Whoever the user Sharra is I would tell ur friend to  maybe stop being jealous of her … now excuse me while I go admire more of her work. Photographers like her shouldn’t be on here.