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Out of respect for my clients, and my partners I will not be posting my portfolio on this site.  I have seen the comments made about people’s appearances, outfit choices, weight, etc. I will not subject my clients to abuse. But I can give you my credentials.  I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts along with a bachelors degree in Geophysics. I am part owner of an upscale studio in the New Orleans area. We specialize in weddings and fashion editorials. We have 4 assistants and 3 photographers. The studio has been open for 14 years now and we have seen an increase in business each year.  We are currently booked through the middle of 2014. We also own a fine art gallery to showcase our landscape, nature, and still life photography. Our reputation and product speak for themselves.

And yes I am aware that this post makes me a hypocrite for “hiding behind anonymity”. Like I said we all have faults and  I am not an exception to that rule.