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Blah! Found this photographer. I found her page because she shot the wedding of a girl I know. I did not like their photos. Very lackluster, dark, poor white-balance, many were grainy. Upon scrolling through her albums I found another wedding album that confused me because a photographer friend of mine ALSO shot their wedding. The first one’s photos were no good. Blurry, poor white balance, etc. So I messaged my friend and asked her who this other photog was. She told me it was just some random girl who was a guest at the wedding and brought her camera, and then kind of got in the way and used the photos for her own portfolio, and wasn’t paid at all! My friend’s photos were a lot better, though it was at the start of her photography career so even hers had some technical issues but for the most part were pretty good. The ceremony was shot in what looks like a window-less dark church with red velvet everything. Not exactly the idea setting for any photographer.

And, hey, she calls herself an “LLC’ so here’s an example of a true business that is not producing quality work. (Who knows if she’s actually an LLC or if she just calls herself that!)