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I can’t wait to get out and start taking pictures, but it’s been deathly cold here in WI, a little harsher of a winter than the last few. I’ve wanted to even venture out a little in the snow but you’re hard-pressed to find many clients or even friends willing to do that. (If I had a studio, it would be different, as I’d start focusing these winter months on child/baby studio photography. But I do not yet have enough experience using studio lighting or setups on my own, except for a little I did when I worked for the other photographer, but it’s something I would need to practice with once I get that kind of equipment).

It’s not copyright infringement posting them temporarily as an illustration of something. I am not using the photos to sell anything. Those were the edits I showed my friend after she asked me to do it. There are a few actions applied but not anything near full-strength. More so workflow actions. I first adjust highlights and shadows, saturation, hue, noise, sharpness, etc in Lightroom, then take into Photoshop for some more adjustments, which often include some actions, then do the final adjustments and export from LR. There are people who rely on actions alone with no expertise in regular editing, I am not one of those.

I’m pretty sure the reason people have attacked me is because I put myself out there. In no way am I hiding behind a screen name or thinking this is completely anonymous.

I would gladly take constructive criticism on my work. I’m aware I have been using Dutch angles too much and that is a change I’m working on; however many of my photos from the past year (which account for many posted on my pages) do have that type of composition. I feel it’s good in some but have realized not in others.

I just don’t see why a few people here have gotten angry with me offering advice on things that I do know about. It’s not pompous. The point is to learn from someone who knows something, as I do from the other posters.  I’ve even defended some of the photographers people have linked here when I felt it was wrong for linking. Or said things like “they have several very strong images, though they tend to over-edit” etc. which should not sound pompous at all.

Why should I stop telling people about all the friends who wanted me to shoot their pictures “blah blah blah?” Yeah, one of my friends? Pretty sure that was the only person I’ve talked about here. Exaggeration is not very useful when speaking of facts. I wasn’t making an excuse, my friend and her fiance actually have very busy and conflicting work schedules, and because they wanted the photos done in the early fall, it didn’t happen.

I’m very excited to teach this workshop tomorrow for people who own a DSLR but don’t know how to shoot in manual. It’s nice to help people PROPERLY develop a skill in something that interests them. If anyone wants to say I’m not qualified to teach this, then I think you need to get your heads out of the sand!