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@ Brown Eyed Girl. I have not become “obsessed” with you at all. It takes less than a second to take a screen shot. I have seen you make excuses multiple times. I even stated that you would try to discredit my criticism and that is why I took the screenshots, so that if the time came to defend my critique with solid proof I could. I can see from your response to me, and also your responses in the past that you get extremely defensive when someone criticizes you. Imagine that?? You did not ask for my advice but here it is, public, for everyone to see. Not the best feeling in the world huh?

Your photos are average at best. However your attitude and arrogance make you extremely unprofessional. Based solely on the way you talk to people I would never hire you. I agree with above commenter. Put the computer away and go take some pictures. Stop “obsessing”  over the photogs in your area(you do that a lot as well) and work on your own faults. You will be a better person and better photographer for it. And for goodness sake please stop telling people about all of your friends who WANTED you to shoot their pictures but couldn’t  blah blah blah excuses blah blah. You could use a lesson in composition and in manners my dear.