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I have read them, and i’m sorry that I didn’t divulge into every little statement that you said/posted. But this is coming from an outside perspective, instead of getting defensive maybe you should take note. If people are noticing this about you (and i’m talking about multiple random people) maybe you are doing something? In all honesty every time i’ve read something you’ve written on here it comes across as pompous.

Looks like someone has become obsessed with me… lol. Saving screenshots. Must not have much else to do?

I’m not trying to sound rude, but I’m being honest. I’m sorry that I’m offending you. I have seen other people post links, you’re right! But not to the extent you have. Maybe you are one of those photographers who just become very in-depth in online communities, but I couldn’t help to notice this all about you. You’re telling me that you re-edited the photos anyways, even though it is copyright infringement and even though ‘they don’t give you much to work with’. You just edited them for fun then right? And then posted them on this website.. as proof that you could, i’m sorry, up the brightness, sharpen and then throw on an action.

There’s quite a bit more to editing than that, you should know that if you’re really a photographer right?

It’s funny, the fact that you react and sort of post minor jabs.

Of course, I do know that! But what I see here is an action. If it is an action thats great! And if it isn’t that’s even better! But the bottom line isn’t really whether it’s an action or not, it’s how you put yourself out on these forums.  Please don’t put words in my mouth, I never said you said ‘ew their work sucks’. I’m just saying, maybe you should lay off the YANAP forum and go take some pictures.