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I have to agree with Jenna on this one. I basically have been lurking these forums for a long time and almost on every thread I see BrownEyedGirl belittling someone, or posting a link of a fauxtog, even when it’s not necessary and when people don’t ask for links (ex. ‘see, like this persons photo -insert link here-). I understand wanting to look at others peoples works and picking out what you wouldn’t have done or would have done, but sometimes you seem to take it a little far. You don’t ALWAYS have to point out a fauxtog as an example for what someone does wrong. You can simply explain it. And Jenna has a point about the classes, you claim to be a ‘semi-pro’ (which doesn’t really exist, you’re either professional, or you’re not) but yet you say you’re giving classes and need help and tips. If you need help and tips, should you be giving classes? I’m starting out as a professional, and I will rep that I am a professional because that is what my mentor taught me. Once you start accepting money for photoshoots, that technically makes you a professional. So either represent that you are a professional, and act professional, or act like a hobbyist.

On the previous page you state that you edited someone elses pictures to show what they COULD have done to make them ‘better’. But what it looks like to me is you threw an action on there and straightened an image. That to me in general isn’t something that anyone should do. I would never take an image and say to a potential client ‘Oh here’s the crappy pictures blahblah took of you, I edited them and made them better, cheers!’. Leave it alone, let the fauxtogs learn on their own, and try not to make yourself look pompous. People only change for themselves, and honestly if a ‘fauxtog’ (essentially a beginner photographer who is getting ahead of themselves) cannot change and get better, then thats FINE with me.