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@Camera Clicker your point is valid and accurate. However we live in a free market society, which means that the economic market is defined by free competition.  The economic system in this country is founded on the basis of capitalism, an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.  And I also understand that it is the right of consumers, whether they be current or potential clients to state opinions based on the products.

I have read a lot of your critiques.  I have noticed that you and “I Hate Fauxtography” give intelligent feedback based on technical knowledge of photography and business. I guess I should have been more specific with exactly who I was speaking to in my comment. I apologize.

@Brown Eyed Girl…you seem to talk a lot. You seem to make a lot of excuses for yourself. You also seem to take things a bit too far when it comes to reaching out to strangers. Perhaps unsolicited advice is an annoyance. I have looked at your work. There is vast room for improvement, so how would you feel if you were sitting at home and all of a sudden received 50 new notifications telling you what a “joke” you are?  You have stated multiple times on this forum that you are not a professional photographer, but you also stated that you were going to teach a photography class. Are you a certified teacher? I doubt it since you state that you did not finish college due to financial restraints. You also have photos displayed in your portfolio that have most of the mistakes ridiculed on this site. I don’t understand how someone with that much room for improvement could be judgmental of others.  You stated that when you started out you were “bad” but only shot for friends and only charged them what you were worth at the time.  How dare you? And I am sure you will type a long winded rebuttal and say that this is all rubbish so allow me to tell you that I have screenshots from this website and your own to prove everything that I just said.