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Jenna504, I don’t know where you live but here, discount stores have taken a toll on other merchants.  Anecdotal evidence suggests the photography market is saturated by a lot of substandard photographers who are trying to compete on the basis of price.  A second observation is that many customers either cannot determine or do not care about image quality.  Even well established photographers are complaining that business is down and are telling stories about losing business because some customer’s family member just got a new camera, so now that person can handle their photographic needs.

I don’t have a problem with a hair stylist school, a dental school, or any other school offering reduced rate services.  In some cases that can be very good value and the customer is aware the work will be done by students, with the expectation that they will be supervised.

I do have a problem with services offered professionally but delivered at a substandard level.  I have the same problem regardless of the service being plumbing, electrical, automotive, carpentry, photography, or some other service.

Marketplace on CBC have been exposing poor quality pool repair companies, poor quality garage door repair firms, and misleading product labelling during the past couple of months.  They put the under performing companies on national television.  The businesses that are commented on here are not held up in front of nearly as many people but perhaps they should be.