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This person advertises frequently in many different Facebook rooms that I have been in.

Her pictures are frequently out of focus and the colors are horrible.




I truly do not think that she really does anything in the way of editing.  For the most part I think she is just transferring the JPEG right to Facebook and thats it.  If you look at her timeline, every other picture post is sideways.  That is not very professional!  Rotate them before you upload for crying out loud!

The skin tones are flat and most look like the person is on their deathbed.  She doesn’t even adjust to fix the faces that are so dark because she shot them in full shade and did not use any sort of fill flash. In edition to these pictures being out of focus, most have a horrible grain to them.  The props and the special effects are horribly overdone.




What really disturbs me is that there is a little toddler posing on railroad tracks!!! I know the general area this fauxtog is from, and can guarantee that these are active railroad tracks! MY GOD SO DANGEROUS AND RECKLESS AND ILLEGAL! 



I don’t know why this woman is still getting business with her work being obviously horrible.  Her pictures are terrible! I don’t think that there is one good one that I can find on her whole page.  I can’t believe that this woman gets paid to produce this stuff!!  And I am not trying to be mean by posting this, but come on, this crap is so frustrating and people like this should be shut down.