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I am so glad that I found this site.  It has been very entertaining to say the least.  I never knew that there was a website full of people that share the same frustrations that I do about these fauxtogs.  It makes me mad that these people are on Facebook posing as legit businesses sans the Tax ID, license, etc,  passing this crap off for quality work, they charge next to nothing and yet they still manage to get numerous likes and business.  I have been completely floored when I go into these Facebook yard sale groups and these fauxtogs are advertising away, and people are actually thinking this is good stuff.  I mean seriously people?! It seems the general public in many Florida sites I have visited like this quality and love the $30 session price.  I tell you, I thought I saw it all until one group had a lady advertise that she was a professional photographer from New York (JC Penney studio was her old gig) that just moved to the area and she is broke. She said that she does not have a computer nor a website to showcase her work but to trust her that she is good.  She was wondering if anyone was willing to hire her to use YOUR camera and YOUR memory card to take family portraits.  And because she does not have a computer, she cannot edit the photos so you would just have to do that yourself and all of her “services” would only cost you $50.  OMG I could not believe the response she had!! A bunch of people came out of the woodwork saying that they would be interested.  I am completely floored at that moment, and couldn’t even put words to how I felt.  Well, someone beat me to it and commented so all you are doing is pushing the shutter button on someone else’s equipment and want $50 to do this? People beware !! Then of course I chimed in warning these idiots to remember you get what you pay for, you are taking this girls word, she doesn’t even own a computer nor is offering a portfolio to view.  Don’t be surprised when you check that memory card (YOURS!! LOL) at the end of the shoot, and you are sorely disappointed  and out 50 bucks. I also said with all the talented photographers that are legit and advertise in this room, you all are getting excited over this post? How pathetic!!  Well, my comment must have touched the nerve of one lady, who claimed to be a pro photographer and she told me she was a pro and this post didn’t bother her.  I responded that as a pro photographer, you should be PISSED! This kind of crap should make you so incredibly mad! These posers are flooding our market with CRAP and making everyone accept CRAP as QUALITY! Then the admin deleted the post.  I am still floored to this day over that one! I can’t stand fauxtographers. I hope every single one of them get caught for operating a business without the proper credentials and not paying proper taxes.