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My bigger point, and the one that I REALLY REALLY hope you have a good answer for is this:  Several times people have been called out for using images that are not their own, and rightfully so.  So…  what about the photos on your front page?  Do you have permission to use them?  Do you believe that cutting out or painting over their watermark makes it okay?  I just want to see the explanation as to why it’s okay for you to steal from others for your main page and then trash people for stealing.  Should be a good load of BS!

Copyright is governed by legislation which varies from country to country but is relatively consistent.  Copyright does not say you cannot use a document or a photo, it says you cannot use a document or a photo for certain things.  Or if you prefer, it says there are uses for which you need permission and uses for which you do not.  Both Canadian and US copyright legislation is on-line so you can go and look up the specifics for yourself, or you can pay a lawyer to look them up for you and deduct the lawyer fees from your corporate income for tax purposes.  Actually, if you have read all the posts here, you have already seen parts of the legislation, which begs the question why are you asking about this.  The high level view is that copyright prevents you from taking someone else’s text or picture and using it to make money.  Copyright legislation permits you to copy some text or a representative picture to be included in a number of uses that do not directly generate money.

Basically, if you are running a photography business and you misappropriate someone else’s work and display it to promote your business, you are in conflict with copyright legislation.  I suspect it is those cases you are referring to when you say someone was called out.

If you take the same photo and put it on this page saying “Ha, ha, look at how terrible this is, the pose is poor, the colour is off” you are at least within the spirit of “fair use”, the details may take some additional sorting out.  The Canadian version wants you to indicate where you got the photo from, the US version does not seem to require that.   Perhaps the Canadian version did not think about a site like this.    If my work was consistently worthy of the front page here, I would prefer not to have a link or identifying text so people could refer back to my gallery.

I hope this adequately addresses your question.


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