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Guess what, I do IT work as well, and design/build/repair computers on the side.  That said, I can easily critique other local computers companies work, whether its a crappy network setup they did at a business, ridiculous way they hung a projector for a boardroom AV install, etc. and I can discuss that with other people like myself who are AV professionals and both learn whose work to avoid, and find ways to make our own work better at the same time.  Any type of business you do, when you are with others of the same profession, you naturally discuss the pitfalls and follies, as well as successes of that business and others who are engaged in it.  The difference is, 99% of us on here aren’t going to their site and belittling them in front of their clients.  Again, if you don’t have a thick skin and can’t accept that people will not like your work, find something else to do.  This isn’t elementary school and everybody doesn’t get a participation trophy.