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camerclicker and eddie.  i looked at his website and, while a standard photosheltter shitty website, I clicked about.  Looks like dude used to be a news anchor and a ton of other things in the town he lives in.  There is a commercial he shot and is in on his fb page as well.  i also searched around and found that he has actually modeled for some local college and has been an actor in local playas and commercials. As for me, I want to go on record as saying he is awesome and wonderful because i am not going to fuck with a guy that has that many media connections.  i don’t wanna see a  story about this website on the news.  i sure as hell don’t wanna be quoted… using your real name on here Eddie… maybe not the smartest.  now, if we want to talk about your stuff….


I personally read your post to say that the website shouldn’t be used to bash, then you bash this dude… who sucks, but still.

I did think your stuff looked familiar… is this yours?






how the hell do you get so many hot girls?  Jesus!  do you pay them?  lord, some of them are like touching themselves!  quality spank bank stuff my friend!


I found this os your MM page as well…   do you actually make money selling pictures of these people on like tote bags?


some of your stuff does show promise though.