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I’ve seen better websites and I’ve seen worse. As far as that goes, I’d recommend she delete the line “I am extremely indecisive!” from her “About-Facts about the photographer” section. I don’t think that’s a great quality for a wedding photographer. And though I’m sure many people out there won’t care, her being a “natural light photographer” tells me that she will run into problems one day when there is none.

Other than that, I see little drastically bad with her photos (though I only looked at wedding/engagement/couples/portraits). The first two only had the one couple and though there were some decent standard shots, I can see how someone could call some of them overexposed. Well, I’ve seen worse and you could probably put that down to the bright style of the photographer. Personally I’d dial it back a bit, along with the washed out low contrast look that is so prevalent these days. Like all good fads, hopefully this too will pass.