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If you are wondering, I also participate in discussions on other photography-oriented sites, not just this one. Winter is my off period, and I have another job. At this time I cannot feasibly make a living off of photography, but plan to hopefully someday, but as we all know this is not an instant get-rich-quick scheme. Unlike these fauxtographers I have taken the constructive criticism to heart. There have been a few trolls on these forums who flat-out told me “your work sucks.” They didn’t offer any sort of reason. If they had said my photos were underexposed, out-of-focus, noisy, or I had trees growing out of peoples’ heads, and pointed out these things, I would have taken them seriously. But they didn’t. There have only been about 2-3 people who have said that, including the guy I called out for openly stealing work and posting it on his site as “edits.” I’m no perfect photographer but I’m well aware my work does not suck.