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Mrs Woo

@cameraclicker & browneyed girl – I suspect the camera in that picture is a 7D because it has a very similar layout to the 5DIII (which I want to upgrade to), but if you look, there is a little line around the hotshoe – that is because the 7D has pop-up flash available (which at least is convenient to run off-camera flash until you buy radio triggers) and the 5DIII does not.  I can’t be sure if it is a Sigma or Tamron lens – I think they both have gold rings on some of their lenses, don’t they?

Hate to admit it, but I love camera gear.  I’m blessed to have what I do already.  Now I have to either sell my novels or start selling pictures (hubby won’t let me do portrait or event photography) because he says he’s given me enough money for camera equipment already.  ~sigh~

Only another five or six grand and I would have my minimum kit finished?  Only another $30K for my dream kit… LOL

Oh well, there’s always something if you let yourself go too crazy.  🙂