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The post was directed at whomever runs this site, as well as the people who post a LOT in the discussion boards, like browneyedgirl89.  (you sure post a lot for someone not affiliated with the site, maybe you should be going to networking meetings instead, to get more customers, so that you can graduate to “pro” and make a living off photography.) I’m glad that at least you recognize that it’s not right to use someone’s work without permission.  Posting a link to something is fine, because the photographer can hide or delete the picture whenever they want, but putting it on the front page of a site is not the same thing.  I agree with you about putting only your best work up on the internet for the world to see, and a lot of folks don’t do enough self-censoring.  I’ve been in business as an LLC for over a year now, working out of my home (not in photography) and I understand that you might be “pissed” that someone else is charging too much or putting out low-quality work, but when your work is great and you get that reputation for being an expert, you have no need to trash the compitition; your work speaks for itself.  Capitalism is based on the idea that if you suck at your business, customers will learn and move on to someone who does it better. I get customers all the time who went to __________ last time, but I fix their stuff cheaper and better, and now they are my customers for life.  I don’t have to put down the competition, I just have to keep getting better at my “art” of repairing and building computers.