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I think the issue is that with everything, nobody is going to totally agree on who should and should not be on here.  Some people have an axe to grind against certain individuals or competitors and may be overly critical of them.  Others are trying to down everybody.  I usually try to call out the truly bad fauxtogs and point out shots from all over their portfolio (not just two shots from a single shoot), but I also try to defend folks that are doing pretty good work and may have made a questionable decision on posting a couple of shots posted by others.  Hence why its going to be hit or miss as to who gets posted, “trashed”, etc.  I have not approached posting on here as ax grinding.  I like seeing what others are doing and how it can encourage me to do better.

As to the front page, I hate to tell you, but the difference between posting them on here and people STEALING others work and misrepresenting it as their own on their website/page is totally different.  I do not know the legal implications of simply reposting a shot on the front page, but nobody on YANAP is claiming that the shots are theirs.   Additionally those of us in this forum (who AFAIK aren’t any of the admins of the site) are merely pointing to photos posted publicly on FB or whatever site they are posted on and critiquing them.  I think some of the folks are unnecessarily mean, but if you post a photo for the world to see, you better be prepared to accept the criticism, just like any other artistic medium.  If you are worried about getting your feelings hurt, then this probably isn’t the right thing to be in.