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By the way, here are the examples of my friend’s engagement photos. The first one is the hired photog, the second is my re-edit. They were jpg images and most weren’t in great focus. I really liked the first image, but wasn’t so crazy about the second. The password is “test123” http://roxie1303.smugmug.com/CLIENTLOGIN/Test/28127991_ZgzvXm#!i=2377191981&k=5MknX8Q

My input:

The shallow DOF of the first one by the tree works really well. It was shot at f/2.8, 155mm. The couple was way underexposed, and there were funky green casts on their skin. I edited it to give true representation of their skin tones, remove some blemishes, and bring up the exposure mostly on the right side.

The second image was shot at f/8.0 and 28mm. I did not like the angle this was shot at, nor the long depth of field. It just doesn’t work for this image. The background is a bit distracting, especially with the horizon at such an angle. I straightened it a little but didn’t have much room to work with. There were harsh shadows and shiny spots on his face. I tried to minimize these. I know I didn’t achieve the best look on the skin, but these images were shot in bright, direct sunlight. This particular area is the same place I shot some engagement photos at (I didn’t even realize that at the time I did it!) but there are a lot of shaded areas available there.

Most of the other photos I would have considered unusable due to extreme dark shadows on their faces. There were horses behind one of the fences and the bride-to-be wanted them in the background. They did get a couple of photos with them, but in the one she liked the best, there was a huge pile of horse &*$% right behind them and super noticeable! She used that photo for her save-the-dates! She did a botched attempt at cloning it out, but in the end I convinced her to put the text over that area because it just was no good. She really wanted that particular photo for the save-the-dates.