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Not exactly sure who you are directing your rant towards, if anyone, in specific. None of us on the forums are actually affiliated with the website, other than we comment and participate in the forums. There have been photos taken down from the  main page after the photographer requested they do so. Does that make it right to post in the first place? No, not really. Another FB page popped up last week (someone had linked it here) where they were clicking the “share” button. No copyright infringement was taking place by doing so, but people go so worked up. If a photographer has several albums of horrible photos, it’s a poor representation of their work. Maybe those albums were from years ago. But it would benefit them greatly to just take down or hide those particular albums, if they don’t want potential clients to judge their work poorly. Most of us here are using these forums to gain advice and constructive criticism actually, and it does help. The bad examples are showing what NOT to do, and most are pretty clear-cut. We also like to defend our art. If you were a hairdresser, went to school for cosmetology, and started from the bottom up learning the right way to do it and maybe worked for another salon before opening up your own salon, then some girl you went to high school with who was lazy decided to go buy a pretty pair of scissors and start advertising all over the internet that she gave haircuts and dye jobs for $5, I think you’d be pretty pissed too.