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alexandra…WOW that is a find! This is definitely front page material. If nothing else, for the wonderful language on the post. How in world could someone think that those words are appropriate for a business site? I know it’s only fb, but still, I would never in a million hire someone who posted that. I don’t see any wedding shots but I wonder if he could hold his tongue considering how stressful the day can be. Let that “f” word slip just once during the family shoot and you’d be kissing your career goodbye for sure.

The train tracks are cute. Only thing missing is some rope and the mountie coming to the rescue. I hope I don’t give him ideas. I’d recommend a better lens though. The right side of the frame is nasty looking.

Those boudoirs are just the most unflattering and poorly shot/posed I’ve seen in a long time. I dare say they would rank near the top of the all time worst.

Other than that, he is and admits he is an amateur after all, so I won’t be too hard on him. However, even as an amateur, you ought to realize that these photos are practice and should not be posted for potential clients to see. We all had to start out sometime and were all amateurs at one point. But you have to realize that posting this,
does not make me want to hire you to shoot my engagements. I suspect they are in love, but they don’t look it in this shot. That’s the photographer’s fail, not theirs. They are just two people standing awkwardly.
This shot is simply a snap that mom wanted to take but can’t because it’s impossible to take a shot of your back. It says nothing and is ordinary.
Again, it’s a start and it’s great to go out and shoot a few hundred to get a feel for what works and how it works but you shouldn’t be posting this with the hope of getting business. My eye is more interested in the background apartment and snow fence than the little girl. The opposite of what you should be doing. Fine for an amateur, but don’t post it.

All moot of course because that “wishing this damn cold,….” ought to seal the deal for most people and just look elsewhere.