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fstopper89–I saw that “family photo gem” too and wondered why anyone would think people would look good with blotchy skin. As so many times before, these fauxs take what could have been at least a passable shot (minus the racoon eyes) and turned it into a psychedelic nightmare. I guess she was keen to show off her repertoire of photoshop skills. And yes, I too would like to know if they truly “liked” it or simply did because they were too nice to actually tell her how it truly resembles a pile of guano.

And yes, let’s never forget to add some train tracks in there. Which of course, really added nothing to the shot anyway.

I’ve seen my share of track shots in my neck of the woods. I’ve even been en route to parks for formals and headed for the reception and driven over tracks and seen other bridal parties posing on them. And these are LIVE tracks with quite a few trains daily. I can’t imagine with the shoes the ladies wear that this is something the photographer thought was a smart idea. Even if the couple requested it, did the bridal party want to risk their lives too? Did it occur to them? I’ve had one request, told them it’s illegal and I can’t do something illegal, my insurance won’t cover damage or injury and sanity prevailed. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there on the tracks, right beside the signs that tell them in not quite as many words that only idiots go near live tracks. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a “track rant” but there you go.