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Mattymay is a find. I guess she never heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? The disregard for composition (why do these fauxs never see the junk in the background?), a few that I saw oof had the background crisp as can be (love how that draws your attention to the junk and away from the subject, sort of like bokeh in reverse I guess), and many where you couldn’t find something in focus if you had a microscope, and of course, as always, the total lack of knowledge on lighting your subject (unless you like racoon eyes).
People will never understand that a photographer, especially a wedding photographer, is a luxury. You just won’t get decent photographs from an inexpensive one as you will a “high priced” (with high priced being relative for many), with the exception of a talented photographer charging less while building a portfolio for a short period of time and then he/she will be at the “normal” price range.
If you are the type of customer who will be happy with this,
or this
then by all means, hire her today.