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I just posted hours of entertainment. I have been trying not to trash this FAUX but recently found out she bullies her friends and families and clients. I am usually above this type of public shaming, but reading a few of her status upon realizing she was so hateful and mean to her clients just hammered the last nail in her coffin. My sister-in-law got married 2.5 years ago and Suzanne is a “friend of the family”. I offered to do her wedding for next to nothing, but she said she would never be able to get away with it. Her friend didn’t even want the CD with the files because they were SO AWFUL. I felt horrible and offered to do a FREE After-knot, since she was my sister in law’s best friend and my heart is broken that she hates her photos. She tentatively set up a date and Suzanne found out. Basically told her she would be sorry if she had a session with me (among other horrible things). So bash away, friends, and you’re welcome.