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EXIF is a way to record the camera’s settings.

That’s true.  But, unless Facebook has changed their practice in the last month or two, they strip EXIF from photos.  I suppose you could type out the EXIF data, or even copy and past it, but that just seems like work when you can take a photo of the display screen.  Some of the general photos are labelled as “behind the scenes” or “shoot before the shoot”, so there is an obvious attempt to draw an audience into the whole process.  showing the camera back seems to follow the same line of thought.

I agree all the pages show a confused mess.  There does, however, seem to be an attempt to learn and progress, even if that learning process has taken nine years to get to this point.  I like many of the photos.

This video:  https://www.facebook.com/VisionOfMemoriesphotography/videos/vb.432923003412831/871772299527897/?type=2&theater , shows a black guy who says he is Jewel Bunch III.  Looking more closely at his “Bio” on Tumbler, the link that took me to Jewel Carlson on Model Mayhem may have been a bad link.  She may have nothing to do with Visions of Memories.    I couldn’t find a Jewel Bunch on Model Mayhem.