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“Im a amrture photographer whose just getting started. I take pictures that capture all the beautiful moments in life”
Well, at least she admits she is an amateur, just starting out. As a side note, I wish people would raise their literacy levels just a tad.

She definitely has a way to go and I hope she doesn’t fall into the same old rut where people think further education isn’t needed because they are being paid (that means I MUST be good enough).

As for the boudoir shots, I think my standards are too high as I don’t “like” them as much as her “fans”. This one in particular makes me gag a little, no offense to the lady in the shot…

FS89…the tree shot is no longer available but this one is there (I don’t know if it’s the same and for some reason maybe your link is not working)…

I’m also fond of the tree getting engaged to the bush,

And I see what you meant about the one with fake bokeh on the face.

Anyway, Smiths Falls, here is some advice from me in the other Falls. Learn how to focus your camera where you need it to do so. I notice quite a few shots where the focus is not on the eyes of people, like in the baby in the Easter shots. Are you using all those fancy focus points? Use one. You might also want to get down the the baby’s level if you do a sitting like that again. Shot after shot of this, https://www.facebook.com/923482497696831/photos/a.929338427111238.1073741833.923482497696831/929338750444539/?type=3&theater (which is also not in focus) is just plain awkward. A baby who just happened to notice mom and looks up and smiles is fine but all I see is someone trying to grab attention and you simply snap away. Learn how to pose the subject and how to pose yourself. That goes as much for the adults as the children as with this one, https://www.facebook.com/923482497696831/photos/a.949148021796945.1073741838.923482497696831/949148371796910/?type=3&theater You’re not doing the young lady any favours by making her nose look a foot long. Learning a little about white balance will go a long way to helping too. When the skin in one shot looks like liver failure then the next looks like a cadaver, you’re not doing your subject any favours. Your camera came with free software that allows you to adjust WB in post if it mucks up in the camera. You are charging $40 for 25 because you are starting out but you have to realize that there is more to being a photographer than just pointing a camera. Processing is part of it and that takes a little time. You need to be paid for that time. A lot of people don’t think so but every hour you are in front of a computer is one less hour behind the camera.