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“Seriously? To acknowledge all of those things isn’t going to boost a woman’s self confidence, it’s going to make her want to hide under a rock!!”


ah yes, but they will most likely still have the pleasure of having their pictures posted publicly 🙂  That’s the beauty of it.


Hahaha how many times have you saw a client/subject express how they didn’t like the photo, or how they looked in a photo, or “Oh no!  I can’t believe you posted THIS one!”  only to have the faux say something like “No!  You look beautiful.  Doesn’t she look great everybody?”  It makes my skin crawl.  Then all those times a client is tagged in a damn “sneak peek” (totally HATE that idea), but no likes, no shares, no comment… ummmmmmmm… get a clue people.  When people are tagged (or even just when they are posted without a tag) in photos they like, they express how much they like them, or at the very least share them with others, make the picture their profile or what have you.

No engagement=no likey  They don’t care though, because they are only doing it for themselves and not for the people that hired them.  URGH!

When I got my first DSLR I took some pictures of two of my friends.  My favorite of the day, the one that made me feel like I was THE best photographer in the world, the one that IF I had been hired and was in business would have surly made the cut for my port, the one that I took the most time and care with and had what I thought was the very best composition, the one I KNEW they would what hanging large on their wall… was the one they hated most.   When they saw it (IN PRIVATE and not online for the whole damn world to see.  JEEBUS!) one of them actually laughed and said “ewwwwwwwwww NO!!!!  I look hideous!”.  She doesn’t like her profile.  Who knew?!  I personally love her face, and feel her profile is gorgeously perfect.  It was a learning experience and still IS to go through people’s pictures privately and get their honest first reaction to them.  Even if it doesn’t end up being your business model to show privately and you choose to show in an online gallery of some sort… When you are first learning portraiture, and shooting family and friends, I think it’s really important to show what you made in person.  Not just pop it online and make it all about you