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Shutter Bugg… what’s with that horrible name? And why type up your price list and then take a tilted photo of your computer screen? https://www.facebook.com/Adirondack.Shutter.Bugg.photography/photos/a.657320457694719.1073741903.106896982737072/795403303886433/?type=1&theater

Jake is very inconsistent. He had a few, especially more recent ones, that I would consider pretty nice. But some that WCS shared are train wrecks.

Jen/Three Little Birds is awful. She joins the rest of the fauxs who post weird irrelevant things in poor grammar on her page. Keep it professional or keep it off your business page.

KML: She started charging $20 for a 1-hour shoot, now increased to $25 per hour. She has no concept of using light- the very basis of photography. She is one of those who call themselves “natural light photographers” simply because she shoots outdoors. Not because she actually knows how to manipulate natural light properly.