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I love how “a moment in time…” states on the website… “We are conveniently located near you”.  Really?  Unless you can drive at the speed of light, I think area code 318 and 905 cannot be considered “near you”.  And I too noticed the stock photo on the website.  Clearly from the quality of the images on his fb page, he is not using any lens with a red ring.  I doubt it would help him anyway with shots like this https://www.facebook.com/1575817565968782/photos/pb.1575817565968782.-2207520000.1424786437./1585120361705169/?type=3&theater or https://www.facebook.com/1575817565968782/photos/pb.1575817565968782.-2207520000.1424786437./1582569781960227/?type=3&theater