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What really got me for a moment was somewhere in the comment thread (in the second image I linked) he had made a comment and then deleted it. I saw it on my phone, then when I refreshed it was gone and he made a different comment defending it as an “old movie look” or something. The comment that he deleted was “That’s why it’s not blurry.” But it is blurry. I’m not sure why he said that, if he was trying to say we were wrong in saying it was blurry or if he legitimately doesn’t understand what blurry or out of focus means. I would say 90% of the photos on his page are either out of focus, or have motion blur going on. This one should have never made it off of the camera: https://www.facebook.com/498124273533390/photos/a.505573086121842.121173.498124273533390/897038286975318/?type=1&theater

The lighting of many is very orange and harsh and appear to have a pop-up flash used, however I don’t know for sure. His camera has a pop-up flash so I wouldn’t be surprised. https://www.facebook.com/498124273533390/photos/ms.c.eJwlx8cRADAIA7CNcphgwPsvloJ~_kmmnFWWVYbH0Tm9WeKLn6n9wXtq8hwMHnxYM8Q~-~-.bps.a.909344119078068.1073741883.498124273533390/909365285742618/?type=1&theater

The few recent outdoor shots of the woman (https://www.facebook.com/498124273533390/photos/a.505573086121842.121173.498124273533390/939908922688254/?type=1&theater) are in focus, but the composition is just not flattering and the depth of field is so large you see mundane things like buildings in the background which don’t help the image at all. The backgrounds are altogether distracting. I am highly doubting he is shooting in manual mode. And he “liked” his own photo.

The noise and grain seem to be a very common issue. It seems the camera he is using is not capable of good focus and being noise-free in these darker environments. I mean this woman has green dots in her skin. https://www.facebook.com/498124273533390/photos/pb.498124273533390.-2207520000.1423965397./825839294095218/?type=3&theater

Come on dude. I was taking more interesting and more in-focus sunset photos at the age of 8 with a disposable camera. https://www.facebook.com/498124273533390/photos/pb.498124273533390.-2207520000.1423965913./601270073218809/?type=3&theater

With his strange grammatical errors and misspellings (both on his page and in the comment thread) I have to wonder if he is from the U.S. natively. If he is, he seems to fit into the common denominator of fauxtographers also having poor grammar skills. If he is not a native speaker than forgive me for that observation.

I have to honestly wonder how many actual “bookings” and hired work he has gotten. He has been in business supposedly since 2010. It just seems so odd that after that many years his work still looks like that of a very new beginner shooting on auto. He also titles himself as the “lead photographer” of his company. Are there really others working for him? It doesn’t seem so. I always find it an odd coincidence that many fauxtographers refer to themselves as “us” and “we” like they are a multi-photographer successful company.