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I haven’t really given it a lot of thought but I think that an oof pic has got to be near the top if not at the top of the list of fails for a photo. In this day and age of amazing AF cameras, there is little excuse to not get a shot in focus. Yes, you may have to take responsibility and select an AF point and with regards to the cameras and lenses I use at F2.8 and less, you may have to do a little afma-ing. But for the most part, the photos these fauxs take are snapshots. For example, I looked through a lot of the ones by PH pros. My ancient P&S that I carry around for fun when I go on a hike can get better shots than this https://www.facebook.com/498124273533390/photos/a.505573086121842.121173.498124273533390/881151088564038/?type=1&theater

I don’t think that shot has a focus problem. “ODECA” on the lanyard of the front girl is sharp and the “5″ on the shirt of the girl in row 3 is also pretty good. That suggests focus was achieved and DOF was pretty good too. It’s too bad Facebook strips EXIF data. I suspect that was a pretty slow shutter shot and the blur is due to motion. Lighting in that shot is terrible!

—CC, you’re right. This example was not so much about lack of focus as it was about simply telling your camera to pop flash at min. 1/60’th would have given a half decent snap (which is all it is, a snap). In fact, most P&Ss would default to that while most real photographers would know enough to set their camera to do so manually. In fact, many of his runway shots are suffering from the same problem, slow shutter speeds and flash resulting in haloing.

I’ve never used a $300 bridge camera for model shoots so I don’t know if it’s the camera limiting this “pro” or their inability to actually use it properly.

I think it’s his ability, or lack thereof.

—I was trying to be kind. I figured it’s his ability but, I dunno, I guess I just typed it out that way. No offense to anyone using a bridge camera. I like the example you posted with the G11. A friend of mine used to shoot local bands with the same camera (G11 then G12) for years with decent results. Indeed, telling the camera what you want as opposed to letting it do it’s thing makes all the difference in the world. I’ve never been to Rama (just a tad too far to go) and it irritates me that some people I’ve wanted to see play there and not at venues closer to me. On the flipside, I’m closer to the border so I’ve seen some great stuff over there. No cameras though 🙁