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lol he’s really bad.  A GWAC if I ever saw one.

I find that the most heated “critques” are always about focus.  “why is it blurry?”, “looks like the focus fell on the hat instead of the subjects face” or “sorry but it’s just too OOF”.  These are the ones that seem to go off when the obvious is pointed out to them.  Then I think to myself “well, they were out of touch enough with reality to post an OOF shot for their photography peers to veiw”.  So it makes sense that they would be the ones that can’t handle any sort of critisism or questioning.

one time a tog was told her shot was OOF, and we all gave her advice related to learning how to focus.  She went nuts!  “Tell me to get my users manual out?!  I’m not stupid you know!  I know how to focus!  My camera was on auto focus, and didn’t hit the mark!  This has nothing to do with my skill set!  I will have you know…,blah blah blah “.  She really went off on me because I told her to practice the different focus settings with inanimate objects around the house, and to practice moving subject with her friends and family until she’s nailing it.  “There’s no need to make  your clients focus guineepigs”.  Names and insults went flying, and she deleted her post and left the group.  All because someone had the gall to call her blurry OOF picture out of focus.  It’s too the point know that if I see the words blurry or out of focus typed under a photo, I pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and wait for the explosion that’s about to take place lol. Hey, some people are just more delusional than others depending on how many people they have in their lives that coddle them