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Dean reminds me of a few in my area. I’m not a fashion photographer myself. However, like some in my area who fancy themselves to be fashion/glamour/model photographers, he too seems to be trying to make a few quick bucks off of a few ladies who may or may not ever become models who likely have low budgets for portfolios. Ok, I don’t know all the facts or really any but I know about my local photographers and Dean is almost a carbon copy of them and that’s their story. Tip to the ladies if they ever find this post…”HIRE A REAL photographer if you ever want to get real paying gigs!”. Like the example, urkiddingright posted, were to be in that lady’s portfolio, she would never ever be hired for anything. Or you can continue to enjoy your pics of you looking sexay and out of focus in a random hallway https://www.facebook.com/Dean.Enterprises/photos/a.492337197573211.1073741832.491061987700732/508718985935032/?type=3&theater or pony up some cash and maybe go somewhere with your career. Stop listening to this faux who is likely telling you how great you look while he makes you look horrible. Your choice.
Finally, it makes me cringe to see a wedding photo posted like the couple is missing on a milk carton. Yeah, it’s a bus shelter, practically the same thing. “Hey honey, remember our wonderful wedding day at the bus stop with the lovely garbage can”? https://www.facebook.com/Dean.Enterprises/photos/a.502703786536552.1073741838.491061987700732/502704789869785/?type=3&theater Egads. I would suggest falling back on your previous job of tour guide. Like how that qualified you in any way whatsoever to become a photographer I don’t know.