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and right there is the number ONE reason I would never hire a fauxtog!  Posting up my pictures like that and tagging my ass.  WTH?!  “Yep, I’ll just use Facebook to deliver my proofs to my clients.  It’s OK that they never saw them, or OKed them.  It’s about ME and what I want to do, not my clients.  If they don’t like them, too bad.  They will stay up for the world to see, because I’m just THAT clever and awesome”.

I can’t tell you how many times I saw people comment “I don’t really like this one” or “I wish you hadn’t posted THIS one”  or “What’s wrong with my hair?”, only to be told Hahahaha “Too bad!  I like it and so does everyone else!”.  Talk about uncomfortable and awkward, but fauxs seem to be oblivious to it.  Or those pictures that get untagged, not shared, not purchased, not liked by the client/clients they continue to stay up, because the clients are too uncomfortable with saying they don’t like them for any reason.  Fauxs don’t seem to notice that either…. immmm if your client isn’t all “Oh Thank you so much, tagging themselves, sharing, bragging, etc (and ultimately purchasing them) guess what THAT means fauxs?  It means you didn’t do your job well regardless of your Aunt Sue’s comment “You are so talented.  These pictures are beautiful”.  “BAM!  There you go!  Your pictures are up for the world to see, wether you like them or not!”.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my worst nightmare.  What happened to showing your clients their proofs privately?  and then getting a release signed before you post them?  I would never ever do that to someone, especially a friend or family member.  It’s horrible. ME ME ME ME ME I’m so awesome at this!