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Aleah has a small handful of shots that may have had potential, had she gotten the technical stuff correct or made the shot more interesting. Then some of it is train-wreck material. Not saying she can’t improve, but with the volume of “work” on her page it appears as if she’s quite content to keep doing exactly what she is doing.

Tiffany, slander is for one thing verbal, and the term you are looking for is “libel.” Libel first has to be proven to be untrue statements that have caused measurable hard to a business or person. One, I highly doubt Aleah is actually in business, and two, an opinion or review on the work of a person or business cannot be considered libel or slander. If I went online saying “I went to Aleah’s photography business and contracted measles and was in the hospital and got this huge bill!” and that never happened, well, that would be libel. Or, “Aleah took my pictures and was a complete jerk and swearing at my kids.” Yes, more libel or slander (if it didn’t happen, of course- sometimes these things are he said, she said).

And yes, I’m a professional photographer and am legally in business and produce high-quality work and am constantly learning as well. I have a life, a pretty busy one actually, but sometimes I come here to discuss photography and get some comic relief.