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whoops screwed something up in photobucket. I don’t know how else to post photos on forums so I used that and messed it up ha ha. I’m forum ignorant because I don’t post in them much. Oh well. Made it my avatar and now it’s all squishy.

Your photo appeared, and looked good.  I imagine you moved it in Photobucket, deleted it, or changed permissions, which prevents this site from linking to what you originally posted.  Photos from Flickr are also easily linked.  There seems to be a spam filter that prevents linking from some sites, I have had mixed results linking to photos on one of my own pages.

It’s been a while since I changed avatars.  Avatars have a specific shape, square, not 3:2 nor 4:3, so a crop will deliver an avatar that doesn’t squish when applied.  Different sites impose various restrictions on avatars, some have size limits and the file has to be prepared in advance.  A few have an editor that lets you crop and size from a selected photo.  Usually an image that’s a couple of hundred pixels on each side will work fine, though, I’ve seen a couple of sites that wanted a file of only 50 pixels!