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Guys, you realize that responding to anyone with a username like “misstiffanybaby” is going to be like talking to a wall, right?  Just another fauxtog hack or friend of fauxtog hack who thinks they know it all just because they got their brand new Nikanon 1500d xti for Christmas and read some quote somewhere about how photography is all about vision and passion and anyone who says you have to learn the rules is a stuffed shirt.

Reading misstiffanybaby’s posts was akin to having my teeth drilled.  Every other word being “yall” did make me laugh (in-between facepalms), though.  Actions will be taken by the law for slandering these “businesses?”  Yeah, ok.  We’ll just wait over here while the owners of these “businesses” file their police reports and then go through the questioning of why they haven’t registered their business or filed any kind of taxes for it…Seriously, good luck with that.

Final thought; perhaps you should learn to speak, spell, and type properly before you come into a forum that consists entirely of real professionals who are sick and tired of losing business to spoiled little brats with entry level cameras and accuse them of slander.  Why?  Because, to us, you look like an uneducated bimbo who is trying to play with the big leagues.  Go back to your fauxtography and your $25 mini sessions.  And god forbid, don’t forget the selective coloring!!!