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misstiffanydbaby. Slander is verbal, libel is written. However, this is more of a review type site. Kind of like Rotten Tomatoes. They review movies and can very well say the movie had bad acting, poor picture quality, horrible plot, etc… It’s opinion. If people are posting on her page, emailing, pming or harassing her because of her work, than that is uncalled for. She should take whatever action she is entitled to for that.  If people want to pay for her style no one can stop them.  If you are representing this photographer as a friend or client, you are a supportive friend who is there to defend. Good job. Does it help her? I don’t know. She will either ignore the “review” and not re-evaluate her own work and continue on or she will step back and consider where she can improve.  If you want to know what is wrong with the photos, other than what Seth stated on the one, have her join a photography group on Facebook and post a CC request. They will help her learn and grow as a photographer. Even good photographers post CCs, they want to improve, and grow.  Sometimes we become attached to a photo, and need a non biased opinion. So that we can grow. Did she ask this forum to review her work. Nope, but this site is here, and no one can stop that. Just by lurking I have learned from this forum, this is my first time posting. I’ve learned the errors of other photographers and learned that you need a thick skin if you are going to post your work publicly. You wanted to see work. Here’s one of mine. It’s not perfect, I’m sure someone can pick it apart. It’s posted publicly.